Real URL

Check your redirects!

Make sure your redirects are working correctly by analysing the HTTP response and headers, use our User agent spoofing to really test your redirects.

Don't get caught out by redirects and URL's hidden behind shortened links, use our Redirect Checker to analyse your redirects.


  • Check the HTTP response from any URL, follow 301 or 302 redirects and check every step
  • Check URL's against Google Safe Browsing lists to helpidentify phishing or malware hidden behind redirections
  • See what's behind tiny and shortened URL's to see where they will lead you before you visit
  • Supports both http and https redirects
  • Supports URL re-writing redirects, check your site's URL's are cononicalised correctly from http/https and www/non-www versions
  • Identify and follow redirect chains
  • Spoof the User Agent, select from our huge range of User Agent strings, including Windows, Mac and Linux browsers, Mobile devices, Search engine Bots and more